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A New Frontier in Mental Health and Healing. 

By combining some of the most powerful modalities on the planet for accessing and reprogramming the subconscious mind, we can and will help you change your mind and change your life!

Unleash Your Potential

About 9D Breathwork

What Sets Us Apart

The Nine Dimensions of 9D


#1 Multi-dimensional sound experience
 #2 Somatic Breathwork (releasing old energy that is trapped in the body)
 #3 Guided vocal coaching.
 #4 Solfeggio Frequencies (several will be used depending on the journey you are taking)
 #5 432HZ Harmonic Tuning to music that is harmonious to the body.
 #6 Binaural Brain Entertainment (Binaural Beats) – beats played separately in each ear which promotes harmony.
 #7 Isochoric Brainwave Tones – a faint, rapidly beating pulse in the ears that assists the hypnotic state.
 #8 Subliminal Hypnotic Therapy – while you are in an emotional state, we shift your frame of thought and suggest reframing those thoughts to a new way of thinking.
 #9 World-class music composition.

9D is a revolutionary breathwork journey with instant results in trauma release, increased focus and purpose, and improved sleep. Control your mind to control your life. 

  • Release trauma without talking about it and reliving your experiences. One 9D journey is more effective than multiple one-on-one therapy sessions.

  • Improve focus and concentration.

  • Manage Grief, depression, anxiety and other conditions and emotions that can block and limit us.

  • Help with controlling addictions.

  • Stop emotional eating patterns. Lose weight and feel healthier.

  • Control emotions and find peace

  • Improved ability to fall and stay asleep

  • Feel lighter in your soul and reignite your spark for life. 

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